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“I’ve been taking lessons with Joseph Yuan for several years.  What I love best about his teaching is his ability to figure out how I can get the most wonderful sound with the least stress or tension.  He is very patient,  flexible and relaxed.   I am an adult student, but I would imagine that he makes his many young beginners feel equally at ease.”

~Monica M., Pacific Palisades Symphony


“I highly recommend Joseph as a violin teacher. He has been teaching my daughter for several years, and it is a pleasure to see how far she has come in her musical skills while working with him. Joseph is very patient and easy to work with, and is able to coach and critique my daughter in a gentle manner. I especially appreciate how he is helping her develop her own unique sound and style of playing.”

~ Jackie K.


“Joseph is a gifted teacher. I’ve studied with him for about 8 months, and in that time he has transformed my playing. I can perform pieces now that I couldn’t have imagined playing a year ago. Joseph spots critical deficiencies in my playing , deficiencies that my other teachers missed. He clearly explains the changes that I need to make, explaining those changes in ways that I can easily apply to my instrument.  And through it all, Joseph always encourages and supports me in fulfilling my musical dreams. He clearly takes teaching very seriously, working hard to find the best way to improve my playing.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found Joseph. I get lots of compliments on my playing these days, and those compliments come because of what I’ve learned from Joseph. I highly recommend studying with him.”

~ Daniel S.


“As an older, self-taught, beginning intermediate student, I feel fortunate to study with  a teacher such as Joseph whom I’ve been with almost a year now. He is a brilliant young violinist, but also a great teacher of the instrument. His ability to instruct, and, it seems to me, impart his considerable knowledge of every aspect of music, makes every lesson a fun, productive learning experience. He has a great skill in pushing one, in a very comfortable way, past one’s perceived limits. Not only has my playing level advanced, my self confidence has improved immensely. His rates are very affordable, and very reasonable for the time and energy he puts into teaching this very difficult instrument.

It’s an honour and a great pleasure to spread the word.”

~Harriett S.


“I played the violin for over fifteen years before starting lessons with Joseph.  I was an okay player, but i didn’t have the technical skills that could allow me to really be expressive and enjoy the violin like I wanted.  Joseph fixed my vibrato, my bow, my intonation… everything.  He helped me become the violin player i’ve always dreamed of being.  Whereas before, playing the violin was frustrating, now I truly enjoy practicing and expressing myself.  he’s not like a lot of other violin teachers i’ve had where they yell and scream when you make a mistake.  he’s friendly and encouraging.  All around awesome teacher.”

~ Jeannette M.


“I highly recommend Joseph he started teaching my daughter in 2011 for semi-private violin lessons. He is very patient and caring and listens to parents, it a partnership not a one way street. If you’re looking for a violin teacher Joseph is the one for you.”

~Annette Y.


“Ms Gardenhire met Joseph Yuan and was so taken by his amazing skill and ease with kids that it was a light bulb moment.”

~ City Ballet of Los Angeles

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